Banner Ups-Pole & Pocket Tape 35mil, -Super Strong-1" x 200'
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Banner Ups-Pole & Pocket Tape 35mil, -Super Strong-1" x 200'

Product Code: BU-POLE135

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This super strong adhesive goes on like tape but sticks like hot melt glue. Use PoleTape instead of sewing to create dowel pockets for pole banners, or for joining banner media. It may also be used for permanent mounting on wood, rigid plastics, and metal. Available in 1" wide x 35 mil thick
*PoleTape™ - Extremely aggressive adhesive for creating pole pocket banners without sewing.
*Applies like tape. Sticks like glue!
*No sewing or welding needed!
*Save time. Create pole pockets instantly.
Available in three sizes:

 Will PoleTape stick to all banner media?
-While PoleTape is extremely aggressive we have found that some low cost media have non adhesive receptive
 films on the backside.
 We recommend pre testing PoleTape with the media and conditions you intend to use.

 What is PoleTape’s temperature range?
PoleTape is a rubber based adhesive and that’s where it gets its extremely high tack.
One downside to this is that the rubber based adhesive have a narrower use temperature
range (Temp range 0-140 F). If your application is expected to be at the extremes of this
range PoleTape may not be the best option.

Make Pole Pocket Banners and Splice Banner Media Without Sewing or Welding!