Banner Ups Mega Tape 1.5" x 30 yds
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Banner Ups Mega Tape 1.5" x 30 yds

Product Code: BU-MEGATAPE

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New MegaTape® is a double-sided version of our popular PowerTape product, made with the same super strong film. MegaTape® offers the banner maker three advantages.

Reasons that make our New MegaTape® your first choice when hemming:

  1. While PowerTape saves time and makes a super-strong banner, some customers prefer the look of a folded hem, MegaTape® allows them to have the strength of PowerTape with a folded hem.
  2. Second, more customers are making double-sided banner and they don’t want to see the white PowerTape on the back side. Since MegaTape® is folded inside a hem, it is invisible. In fact, with some manipulation of your graphics you can make the backside virtually invisible.
  3. Finally, MegaTape® banners are incredibly strong because they not only have the super strong- MegaTape® film, but two layers of banner media to reinforce the banner edge.
It also can withstand 98+ mph winds. Get your New MegaTape® from

 MegaTape can withstand 98+ mph winds.