Ackland Media Frames- 9ft. length
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Ackland Media Frames- 9ft. length

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Introducing our New Ackland Media Frames (AMF) the World’s #1 EZ CHANGE Attachment System for Vinyl-to-Wall and Vinyl-to-Truck applications.
AMF’s Patented Self-Tensioning Aluminum Frame design makes changing the digitally printed vinyl easy & affordable. AMF  has partnered with many digital print companies and the signage community around the world, who are committed to providing high- impact visual signage communications at the very best value!
All Graphic Supplies has partnered with Ackland EZ CHANGE Media Frames to distribute & make the frames available in a Standard aluminum color & sizes & Ackland will come in the Aluminum Framing System w/clear, anodized finish to include hardware, fasteners, instructions, lifetime warranty card, and Installer Hotline phone #.
Frames will be distributed in 9ft lengths.
Ackland Media Frames (AMF)- Easy ready to be Cut, Easy to Install & makes an Easy Graphic Change-Out.
They are Sold in 2 parts
1. Base Plate 
2. Cover Plate

The “Original” Ackland Media Frame is a 2-piece aluminum “Picture Frame” that makes attaching and removing flexible vinyl graphics simple and cost-effective. A home run cost advantage on the first install - a GRANDSLAM on change-outs! Turn Any Wall, Truck, or Building into an Eye-Catching Billboard.

  • Works on Walls & Trucks
  • Self-Tensioning, with No Moving Parts!
  • Requires No Special Tools
  • Uses Vinyl with Raw Edge
  • No Hems, Beading or Fabrication Required
  • Frames & Vinyl are Re-Usable
  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications
  • Available with NO Mechanical Anchors
  • Powder-Coating Available in Any Color
  • Huge Saving on Change-Outs


If you love scraping and removing old truck decals,
the following information might just ruin your day!

With the Ackland EZ CHANGE Media Frames Truck Graphics System, you will NEVER have to remove an old decal or prep another trailer for install!

That's right, NO MORE scraping, NO MORE pressure washing, NO MORE sanitizing or prepping old baked on, faded trailer decals.
Sound too good to be true? 

Click here for proof....

Click PDF file below to download installation instructions!

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