Aeoon Digital Textile Printer

The Aeoon direct to garment printer is adaptable, which means you can upgrade and add features such as printheads, a  laser system or custom pallets on the long run.
For example: Start out with eight printheads, which gives you the same exceptional print quality as a Kyo printer equipped with twelve printheads. The only difference is, that it is not as fast as the version equipped with the maximum amount of printheads. This gives your business the opportunity to grow and save on acquisition cost, and if the demand requires you to print faster, we’ll visit you, add more printheads to the machine and you’re ready to go.

Up to 800 T-Shirts per hour (A4 size)

Up to now, the KYO series is the fastest dtg printer in its market segment. It is designed to meet the demand for a high volume industrial production while still achieving the highest print quality possible. This is obtained by using up to twelve inkjet printheads with 2558 nozzles with native 600 dpi resolution and fire speed of up to 40.000 ink drops per second in four different drop sizes.
Our Aeoon Kyo series prints up to 800 T-Shirts per hour. If needed, a completely different image can be printed on each garment. This can only be achieved with the digital direct to garment printing process. Our Aeoon Kyo DTG printer gives you the opportunity to react immediately to the demands of your customers. Even just in time printing and delivery is possible.

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