Print directly onto cotton t-shirts, apparel, tote bags, and other products in minutes from the comfort of your desktop with the VersaStudio BT-12 Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer. The affordable DTG printer allows you to get into the profitable world of custom apparel immediately, with a device that’s as easy-to-use as an office printer and offers stunning results. 

Build a Business with Quality, On-Demand Customization in Minutes

The BT-12 is an easy-to-use, reliable, compact DTG printer that's designed to effortlessly produce custom products. Start building a custom graphics business right out-of-the-box or diversify your current graphics output with quick-printed promotional items. With up to 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi print resolution, you can create quality and impressive products. 


Discover Exciting New Retail Opportunities

With quick, versatile, on-demand production, the BT-12 is the ideal solution for creating a successful etsy store or other online storefront. Its compact size also makes it a convenient choice for use in kiosks, museums, photo studios, pet supply stores, souvenir shops, sports suppliers and many other retail environments. Offer a “while-you-wait” personalization service to give customers the unique products they really want.


Print and Cure in 3-Easy Steps

The fully-enclosed BT-12 DTG printer makes garment printing safe, clean and foolproof. The automatic process takes just minutes with the BT-12 and accompanying finisher unit that prints your designs and cures the inks in one smooth workflow. In just 3-easy steps you can have a fully-finished custom printed product in your hands.

• STEP 1: Prep or design your digital print file on your computer with easy-to-use software.
• STEP 2: Mount your garment in the cassette tray, load into the BT-12 printer and print your digital file from your computer.
• STEP 3: Load the cassette into the finisher unit to cure the ink. 


Distinctive Features and Highlights

Start Printing Right Out-of-the-Box
A complete low-cost solution includes a finisher unit, cassette tray and cleaning accessories.
.......Includes Super-Easy Software 
If you can use a desktop printer, you can output your PNG and JPG files with our included software. Users can also output TIFF, PDF and BMP files with their choice of design  programs.
Durable Stainless Steel Printheads 
192 nozzles per channel, 2 channels per head and variable dot printing offer professional print results on a wide range of cotton/cotton mix products.
Brilliant Inks and Images 
Provide sharp and color-brilliant image results.
Affordable to Run and Easy-to-Profit
Requires no special electrical set-up and works with standard wall sockets— a cost-effective solution with a low entry point, low cost-of-ownership and high return.
A Digitally Smart Alternative to Traditional Printing 
Traditional apparel printing is bulky, messy, costly and time-consuming— avoid the fuss and expense with a fast, easy, on-demand alternative.
A Safe, Fully-Enclosed Process
Users of all abilities can print onto garments without coming into any contact with chemicals, heat, steam, or complicated processes that present safety issues.
Space-Saving Print Solution
The compact printer fits comfortably in any store, office, kiosk, workshop or home environment— the printer and finisher unit can be stacked to maximize functionality.


Printing methodDirect-to-garment (DTG) 
Piezo ink-jet method
Print heads2 print heads
2 channels per print head
192 nozzles per channel
Nozzle pitch: 150 dpi
Max. print swath: 1.27” (32 mm)
Printing resolution (dpi)600 x 600 dpi
1200dpi x 1200 dpi
Printable AreaA4 Cassette (Standard)11.5” x 8” (291 mm x 204 mm)
A5 Cassette (Optional)8” x 5.6” (204 mm x 142 mm)
Garment TypeFabric50-100% Cotton
ThicknessMaximum 0.157” (4 mm)
ColorsWhite, Light Colors
Ink CartridgesTypesTPG Textile Pigment Ink
100 ml (CMY) 
140 ml (K)
ConnectivityHost InterfaceUSB2.0 High Speed, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Network ProtocolTCP/IP

Exterior dimensions

Installed15.7” (W) x 27.5” (D) x 11.5” (H)  
(399 mm (W) × 698 mm (D) × 292.5 mm(H))
Operation15.7” (W) x 29.9” (D) x 11.5” (H) 
(399 mm (W) × 760.3 mm (D) × 292.5 mm(H))
Weight55 lbs (25 kg)
EnvironmentalTemperature15? to 32? (59 to 89.6°F)
Humidity15 to 80% RH (non- condensing)
Included Software

Roland Design Software

Supported File TypesPNG, JPG, TIFF*, PDF*, BMP*
Maximum File Size10 MB
Heating ModeFix Mode (Fuse)Non-contact heat
Press Mode (Pre-heat)Contact heat
Power requirementsNorth AmericaAC100V to 120V, 50/60Hz, max. 90 Watts
Latin America AC220V to 240V, 50/60Hz, max. 90 Watts
Power consumptionDuring operationLess than 27.5 W
Sleep modeLess than 2 W
Warm-up TimeLess than 35 sec.
Exterior dimensions15.7” (W) x 23.6” (D) x 8.7” (H)  
(400 mm (W) × 600 mm (D) × 220 mm(H))
Temperature Range175? (Default) / 165? (347 / 329°F)

Roland’s Industry-Leading Warranty and Support

For over 30 years, Roland DG has provided the most advanced and reliable machines, backed by unmatched customer
service and technical support.

The VersaStudio BT-12 and finishing unit is also supplied with a Two-Year Trouble-Free Warranty with an option to
extend your warranty for an additional three more years for a total of five-years of coverage.