DECEMBER -  2017

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New Pratrivero Fabric Italy- now only $ 0.07cts sq.ft.

Dye Sublimation, LATEX & UV printers


*Printed Blinds * Window Roll Ups * Promotional * Hanging Signs * Photo Walls.

 Non-Woven Textile, 130gms, available in 63” &126” wide. - Stay-Flat, Fray free cutting & vivid colors.

Uses: In-store graphics, FENCE Banners, Mall Signs, Murals, Soft Signage, Table Mats, Placement mats, Wall hangings, Blinds, Picture Wraps Frames, Advertising & Shopping Bags etc. -  - No Glare & great for photography.

Dye Sublimation Transfer

PT-TMI13M-063   Pratrivero Non-Woven Textile,  130gms, 63"wide  x 300ft.-for TRANSFER.-(M)- Clearance- Roll Price 115.00    Qty- 3          

PT-TMI13M-126   Pratrivero Non-Woven Textile, 130gms, 126"wide x 300ft.-for TRANSFER.-(M)- Clearance- Roll Price 230.00    Qty- 19

PT-TMI13S-063     Pratrivero Non-Woven Textile, 130gms, 63"wide  x 300ft.-for TRANSFER.-(S)- Clearance- Roll Price 115.00    Qty- 1

PT-TMI13S-126     Pratrivero Non-Woven Textile, 130gms, 126" x 300ft.-for TRANSFER.-(S)-       Clearance- Roll Price 230.00    Qty- 8

*Prices are subject to change without notice or obligation.


Banner- High Res. 2 side print

DX-LACO-54        LacoPac- High Res. Print TWO- Side Banner. 20oz 54" x 82ft.                                      259.00    Qty-  37

Indoor PREMIUM – for High Resolution Prints- STAY FLAT – 2-SIDED Banner Media.


DX-JETUP-36       Banner Dickson Evergreen - Jet Up 36"x98' for POP-Up displays                                   199.00    Qty- 1 NS

Rite-Media Multi-Purpose Polymeric Print Vinyl & Laminates.

RM-MPV-54-WM                 Rite-Media-Multi Purpose Vinyl with Air Free, MATTE- 54"x150'                         149.00   Qty- 5

RM-MPV-54-CM                   Rite-Media Multi Purpose-MATTE Laminate,54"x150'                                      129.99   Qty- 47


GB Vinyl- with Splices.

GBS-LAMINATE-54-CG         Generic Brand, (with Splice Roll) Gloss Laminate, 54in x150ft                         85.00     Qty- 47          

GBS-VINYL-54-WG              Generic Brand, (Splice Roll) Gloss Vinyl, 54in x150ft                                       85.00     Qty- 22

GBS-VINYL-54-WM              Generic Brand, (Splice Roll) Matte Vinyl, 54"x150'                                          85.00     Qty- 37



HXS-V240WG-54   Hexis 2.7mil Intermediate White Gloss Vinyl with Grey Adh- 54"x148'                            219.00   Qty- 5

HXS-V740G-54164  Hexis.2.7mil Intermediate UV Laminate Gloss, 54"x164'                        Clearance        249.00   Qty- 14


Smart Blades – Roland, Mimaki & Graphtec.

SK-GSK09V          Smart Knife-.45mm-Regular vinyl upto 400micron-GRAPHTEC Plotters                            29.99     Qty- 19

SK-MSK300V        Smart Knife- Offset 0.3mm Normal Vinyl for MIMAKI                                                     29.99     Qty- 19

SK-MSK500F        Smart Knife-.5mm vinyl up to 450micron-Roland, Mimaki,Mutoh,Gerber                          29.99     Qty- 8

SK-MSK500V        Smart Knife-.5mm vinyl up to 450micron-Roland, Mimaki,Mutoh,Gerber                          29.99     Qty- 28

SK-MSK750F        Smart Knife-.75mm vinyl up to 1.0micron-Roland, Mimaki,Mutoh,Gerber.                         29.99     Qty- 19

SK-RSK250V        Smart Knife- 0.25mm Normal Vinyl for ROLAND                                                             29.99     Qty- 216


Rite-Media Colour Cut Vinyl - 24" x 51yards

RM-CV5-2410-03     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Clear                                                         15.00     Qty- 1       QC

RM-CV5-2410-03M  Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Matte Clear                                                 15.00     Qty- 1       QC

RM-CV5-2410-12     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Teal                                                           25.00     Qty- 1       NL

RM-CV5-2410-13     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Forest Green                                              25.00     Qty- 5       NL-2, QC-2, BC-1

RM-CV5-2410-14     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Dark Green                                                25.00     Qty- 5       NL-3, QC-2

RM-CV5-2410-20     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Matte Yellow                                              25.00     Qty- 10      ON-3 NL-2, QC-2, AB-3

RM-CV5-2410-22     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Beige                                                        25.00     Qty- 1       AB-1

RM-CV5-2410-31     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 10yards- Plum                                                         25.00     Qty- 2       NL-1

Rite-Media Colour Cut Vinyl - 24" x 50yards

RM-CV5-2450-03     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Clear                                                        80.00     Qty- 1       ON-1

RM-CV5-2450-03M  Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Matte Clear                                               80.00     Qty- 2       ON-2

RM-CV5-2450-11     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Sky Blue                                                  89.00     Qty- 4       ON-2, BC-1, QC-1

RM-CV5-2450-14     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Dark Green                                              89.00     Qty- 1       ON-1

RM-CV5-2450-20     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Matte Yellow                                            89.00     Qty- 1       ON-1

RM-CV5-2450-22     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Beige                                                      89.00     Qty- 1       MR-1

RM-CV5-2450-30     Rite Media Cut Vinyl -5yr.-24" x 50yards- Purple                                                     89.00     Qty- 1       ON-1, MR-1

Hot Melt Laminates

RLG50432503       RS Hot Melt Laminate 5mil Gloss 3" core               43"x250'                                    $ 19.00                Qty- 4

RLM-504302503    RS Hot Melt Laminate 5mil Matt 3"core                 43"x250'                                    $ 19.00                Qty- 2



RR-401               3mil Clear Lustre UV Lam.             54” x 50yds                                                          $ 64.99               Qty- 28

Rest Roll Program- are rolls that are left of the Master roll after Packaging or boxing (hence Rest of the Roll).

 Choose what you would like to use by highlighting the line item & the qty.-  Order whilst Quantities Last

PRINTABLE Vinyls & Laminates  @ $64.90 ea/Roll



Items                                                  Description                                                                                                                       Price               Qty

ARC-2100-069-4850                    Arlon 2100 High Performance Cast Apple Green (069) 48x50yd                         439.00         Qty- 1

ARJ-215-36098                             Arlon-DPF210 14.5mil Roll-Up Polyester FILM- Satin, 36in x 98ft                     199.00         Qty- 2

BU-BAN062                                    Banner Ups, Clear Banner PolyTABS, 2000 tabs                                                       299.98          Qty- 4

CORO-CCD4                                   Coro Claw Deluxe 4-6 mil Coroplast Flute Cutter/Slitter                                       25.00          Qty- 4

CUTMAT4X8-PLAIN                     Mat-Cutting-4'x8'- Plain                                                                                                  150.00        Qty- 7

CUTMAT510-PLAIN                     Cutting Mat 5'x10'- Plain                                                                                                 250.00        Qty- 17

DX-LACO-54                                  LacoPac-Banner Premium 20oz.Double Sided 54"x82'                                            239.07        Qty- 36

ESM-WFRV-100-54                      WallFlair Removable Vinyl,54in x 100ft                                                                      249.99           Qty- 2

HXS-TOOLWRISTBAND               Hexis Economy Tool WristBand(Nylon)                                                                        68.08             Qty- 3


TOOLWRISTBAND-LETHER       Hexis Leather Tool WristBand                                                                                            146.50           Qty- 6

HXS-V240WG-54                          Hexis 2.7mil Intermediate White Gloss Vinyl with Grey Adhesive, 54"x148'       215.41        Qty- 3

HXS-V3001WG-54                       Hexis 4mil Promotional White Gloss Vinyl with Clear Adhesive, 54"x148'          109.00         Qty- 13

HXS-V740G-54164                       Hexis 2.7mil Intermediate Laminate Gloss 54"x148'                                                 299.19          Qty- 19

HXS-V750G-54                              Hexis 2.7mil Performance Fleet Polymeric Gloss Lam. 54"x148'                           346.99           Qty- 4

MF-DEMO-KIT                               Matrix Frame Demo Kit PR32,18"x24" with blank fabric                                          85.00            Qty- 5

NES-EASYPANEL310-3665        Neschen Easy Panel 310 36"x65'                                                                                   248.69           Qty- 3

NES-PM-DELTA-51200               Neschen Double Sided Mounting Film- Delta, 51"x200'                                           296.32          Qty- 1

RLG50432503                               RS Hot Laminate 43"x250' 5mil Gloss 3" core                                                              19.00            Qty- 3

RLM-504302503                          RS HOT METT Laminate 43"x250' 5mil Gloss 3" core                                                   19.77           Qty- 1

RM-HTV-54-CG                            Rite-Media High Tack CLEAR Gloss Vinyl 54"x150'                                                       299.00          Qty-17

RM-MPV-54-CM                          Rite-Media-TRANSFER Tape for QEP-PU,20"x81';                                                        199.99          Qty- 31

RM-QATPU-2081                         Rite-Media- Transfer Tape for QEP-PU,20" X81'                                                          99.42              Qty-6

RM-WP-DR-42164                       Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Driftline Finish, 42inx164ft.                               149.00        Qty- 6

RM-WP-EG-42164                       Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Eggshell Finish, 42inx164ft.                              149.00         Qty- 23

RM-WP-FR-42164                       Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Frosty Finish, 42inx164ft.                                   149.00          Qty- 7

RM-WP-SD-42164                       Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Sand Finish, 42inx164ft.                                     149.00          Qty- 25

UF-DSS12-080164                      Ultraflex DSS 12oz Double Sided Banner, 80"x164'                                                   299.94          Qty- 30

UF-DSS12-102164                      Ultraflex DSS 12oz Double Sided Banner, 102"x164'                                                332.14          Qty- 2

UF-JFPG-102164                        Ultraflex Superprint Plus Gloss Banner- 13oz-102"x164'                                         269.74          Qty- 1

UF-JFPG-80164                          Ultraflex Superprint Plus Gloss Banner- 13oz-102"x164'                                        209.60          Qty- 1

UF-JFPM-80164                          Ultraflex Superprint Plus Gloss Banner- 13oz-80"x164'                                          209.60        Qty- 2

UF-JFPM-98164                           Ultraflex Superprint Plus Gloss Banner- 13oz-98"x164'                                         251.26        Qty- 2

UF-SMP-54164                            Ultraflex Mesh With Liner 54"x164'                                                                               258.82         Qty- 3