AUGUST-  2018

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CORO-CCD4                    Coro Claw Deluxe 4-6 mil Coroplast Flute Cutter/Slitter                         19.00       Qty- 1



UF-JFPG-38164              Ultraflex Superprint Plus-Gloss Banner- 13oz- 38" x 164'                          99.00     Qty-13 - ON-2, QC-2, AB-4

UF-JFPG-54164              Ultraflex Superprint Plus-Gloss Banner- 13oz- 54" x 164'                          129.00     Qty-5 MR-2, NF-1

UF-JFPM-38164              Ultraflex Superprint Plus-MATTE Banner- 13oz- 38" x 164'                       99.00     Qty-6  NL-2, QC-2, MR-2

UF-UBANM-30164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Matte 10oz- 30" x 164'                                         88.00      Qty-2 - 1BC, 1 QC

UF-UBANM-54164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Matte 10oz- 54" x 164'                                         119.00     Qty- 7


Ferrari DECOlit- Stay Flat FR for Roll up Banner 

F251-790-35                  32” x 164’ offcuts Rolls                                                                    $ 349.00     Qty- 


HXS-V240WG-54                 Hexis 2.7mil Intermediate White Gloss Vinyl with Grey Adh- 54"x148'             149.00      Qty-1  

HXS-TOOLWRISTBAND               Hexis Economy Tool Wristband (Nylon)                                                   49.00      Qty-4           

HXS-TOOLWRISTBAND-LEATHER   Hexis Leather Tool Wristband                                                               46.00    Qty-4


Dye Sublimation Paper.


DSPL - Dye Sublimation Paper.

DSPL-070-1120     70G Dye Sublimation Paper Lite- 44" x 120m                                                Cdn $ 69.00        Qty - 27

DSPL-070-1620    70G Dye Sublimation Paper 64" x 120m                                                          Cdn $ 79.00        Qty - 73


TransJet Paper

TJ-190-120-100    TransJet- Classic Dye Sub Paper- 75 x 390'-100gm                                        Cdn $ 209.00     Qty - 24

TJ-40838316N001 TransJet- Classic Dye Sub Paper- 63 x 328'-100gm                                        Cdn $ 169.00     Qty - 130

TJ-91-120-100      TransJet- Classic-Dye Sub Paper- 36 x 390'-100gm                                        Cdn $ 149.00     Qty - 6


Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER is available in 3 designs. Well priced to allow you an opportunity to decorate large wall spaces. Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER - Great custom wallpaper uses for real estate, interior decoration, picture Wrap frames, POP, window dressing, hotels, restaurants etc. Make awesome Picture Wrap Frames.
Easy to install using wallpaper paste available from your local paint or hardware store. Available in 42”x164ft. Easy to Print, Trim, roll & ship in a tube anywhere in the world. Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER allows to achieve speedy installation. Designed for printing large format digital-covering WALL graphics using Eco-Solvent & solvent inks.


RM-WP-DR-42164              Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Driftline Finish, 42inx164ft.              149.00   Qty- 26      

RM-WP-FR-42164              Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Frosty Finish, 42inx164ft.                 149.00   Qty- 24         

RM-WP-SD-42164              Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Sand Finish, 42inx164ft.                   149.00   Qty- 22