APRIL -  2018

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Ultraflex Banner 

UF-JFPM-63164              Ultraflex Superprint Plus-MATTE Banner- 13oz- 63" x 164'                       159.00     Qty-1 in NL

UF-UBANG-30164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Gloss 10oz- 30" x 164'                                           88.00      Qty-1 in QC

UF-UBANG-38164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Gloss 10oz- 38" x 164'                                          99.00      Qty-1 in QC


UF-UBANM-30164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Matte 10oz- 30" x 164'                                           88.00      Qty-2 - 1BC, 1 QC

UF-UBANM-30164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Matte 10oz- 38" x 164'                                           88.00      Qty-3 in ON

UF-UBANM-54164           Ultraflex Ultrabanner Matte 10oz- 54" x 164'                                         119.00     Qty- 7


UF-UBOP-126164            Ultraflex Ultra Block Out Pro 15oz- 126" x 164'                                      680.00      Qty-1 in ON


UF-ULTIMAPRO-054164  Ultraflex Ultra Block Out Pro 20oz- 54" x 164'                                         179.00      Qty-3


GB Vinyl- with Splices. Great for Label, Decals Print & Cut - min 10 Rolls

GBS-VINYL-54-WG              Generic Brand, (Splice) Gloss Print Vinyl, 54in x150ft                       85.00      Qty-6

GBS-VINYL-54-WM              Generic Brand, (Splice) Matte Print Vinyl, 54in x150ft                       85.00      Qty-4                  

GBS-LAMINATE-54-CG         Generic Brand, (Splice) Gloss Laminate, 54in x150ft                        85.00      Qty-41

GBS-LAMINATE-54-CM         Generic Brand, (Splice) Matte Laminate, 54in x150ft                        85.00      Qty-18



HXS-V240WG-54                 Hexis 2.7mil Intermediate White Gloss Vinyl with Grey Adh- 54"x148'             149.00      Qty-4  

HXS-V750G-54                   Hexis 2.7mil Performance Fleet Polymeric Gloss Lam. 54"x148'                        296.99      Qty-2   

HXS-TOOLWRISTBAND               Hexis Economy Tool Wristband (Nylon)                                                   49.00      Qty-4           

HXS-TOOLWRISTBAND-LEATHER   Hexis Leather Tool Wristband                                                               46.00    Qty-3



ARC-2100-069-4850                    Arlon 2100 High Performance Cast Apple Green (069) 48x50yd              439.00      Qty-1

Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER is available in 3 designs. Well priced to allow you an opportunity to decorate large wall spaces. Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER - Great custom wallpaper uses for real estate, interior decoration, picture Wrap frames, POP, window dressing, hotels, restaurants etc. Make awesome PWF- Picture Wrap Frames.
Easy to install using wallpaper paste available from your local paint or hardware store. Available in 42”x164ft. Easy to Print, Trim, roll & ship in a tube anywhere in the world. Rite-Media Printable Textured WALLPAPER allows to achieve speedy installation. Designed for printing large format digital-covering WALL graphics using Eco-Solvent & solvent inks.


RM-WP-DR-42164              Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Driftline Finish, 42inx164ft.              149.00   Qty- 26      

RM-WP-FR-42164              Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Frosty Finish, 42inx164ft.                 149.00   Qty- 25         

RM-WP-SD-42164              Rite-Media Printable Wall Paper, Sand Finish, 42inx164ft.                   149.00   Qty- 33