Arlon IllumiNITE Wrap Reflective White Printable Vinyl 48"x10yds
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Arlon IllumiNITE Wrap Reflective White Printable Vinyl 48"x10yds

Product Code: ARJ-ILLUMINITE-4810

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IllumiNITE Wrap™ Reflective with FLITE Technology.
Fleet Grade Reflective Digital Print Pressure Sensitive Film with FLITE Technology™

Arlon- IllumiNITE Wrap™ Reflective is a 5-mil (125 micron) printable reflective vinyl film featuring FLITE Technology™. With its Lite contact system, the film allows for a fast, repositionable install while maintaining the reflective quality of the film. Using Arlon’s recommended installation techniques, the film easily conforms to irregular and glides over smooth surfaces, enabling graphics to be brightly displayed day and night.  IllumiNITE Wrap Reflective meets or exceeds the following standards for motor vehicles: ISO 7591-1982, DOT FP-85 - Section 718, and ASTM-D 4956, Spec. Type 1, Class 1. It is rated for outdoor durability up to 7 years (unprinted) for flat surfaces and up to 5 years (unprinted) for irregular surfaces. Tips on  Printed durability is dependent on the ink system used. Arlon IllumiNITE Wrap™ Reflective available at


• For full or partial vehicle wraps, markings and/or decals.
• Superior reposition ability, minimizing bruising for optimal reflectivity.
• Fast installation with FLITE Technology™.
• Brilliant graphics by day, luminous graphics by night.
• Recommended to pair with Series 3220 (ARJ-3220) or 3210(ARJ-3210) overlaminate. 


Add a night shift to the visibility of your graphics and never miss another impression with Arlon- IllumiNITE Wrap™- Reflective. As a premium digitally printable reflective film featuring FLITE Technology™, installers will experience an effortless installation when wrapping gentle curves and complex corners. The exceptional reposition ability from FLITE Technology will alleviate bruising or chatter lines resulting in optimal reflectivity. Combine with Series 3220 overlaminate to protect and enhance your graphic.
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Addition of heat during removal will make the process much cleaner and faster. Where ambient temperature is not that high, use either a flame type torch or heat gun to bring the temperature up. Arlon recommends getting the film and under laying adhesive above 130°F (54°C). Remove the film in a continuous smooth motion with minimal stops at a shallow angle of less than 90 degrees for the cleanest and fastest separation. Where it is practical, two people on the removal make the job go far faster than using just one. With one person working the heating unit in front of the second person who is peeling the film, the job proceeds at a uniform and consistent pace. Where only one person is working there will be constant starting and stopping in addition to the problems on the heat being very inconsistent.


Actual weathering durability depends on surface preparation, surface maintenance and exposure conditions.Successful weather resistance is characterized by the retention of legibility. IllumiNITE Wrap will resist weathering best when applied to vertical angles rather than horizontal due to the nature of less UV exposure and moisture, as well as other contaminants. For additional installation tips on IllumiNITE Wrap, reference the IllumiNITE Wrap Installation Guide.

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