Ackland Media Frames- 9ft. length

Ackland Media Frames- 9ft. length

Product Code: AMF-09

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AMF- Ackland Media Frames  

 Introducing our New
Ackland Media Frames (AMF) the World’s #1 Attachment System for Vinyl-to-Wall and Vinyl-to-Truck   applications. AMF’s Patented Self-Tensioning Aluminum Frame design makes changing the digitally printed vinyl easy & affordable. AMF  has partnered with many digital print companies and the signage community around the world, who are committed to providing   high- impact visual signage communications at the very best value!

  All Graphic Supplies has partnered with Ackland Media Frames to distribute & make the frames available in a Standard aluminum color  & sizes & Ackland will come in the Aluminum Framing System w/clear, anodized finish to include hardware, fasteners,     instructions,lifetime warranty card, and Installer Hotline phone #. Frames will distributed in 9 ft. & 12 ft. lengths.

   Ackland Media Frames (AMF)- Easy ready to be Cut, Easy to Install & makes a Easy Graphic Change-Out.

AMF- Ackland Media Frames Advantages-
compared to other products in same category:

  • Enormous Market Potential - Make every Blank Space an Adverting Site.
  • Neat, clean appearance.
  • Lighter weight, smaller profile, lower shipping costs.
  • System works on Walls & Trucks etc.
  • Self-tensioning, with no moving parts
  • Requires no special tools – a Good quality Saw & Cordless Drill.
  • Use Banner Vinyl with NO edge finishing required.
  • No hems, beading or fabrication required
  • Frames & vinyl are reusable                                                            
  • Fastens with screws or rivets                              
  • Indoor/Outdoor applications
  • Easy Graphic Change-Out
  • Available with NO mechanical anchors
  • Powder-Coating Custom colors available in 150 colors upon request.  



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