About Us

Our History

All Graphic Supplies  - a family owned business founded in 1992 by 3 Brothers - Charles, Chris & Cled DeSouza. It was founded after several years of hands-on experience in the Screen printing, Offset-Printing, Large Graphics, Display and Sign-making Industries. Today, All Graphic Supplies relies on the talents, organization and efforts of its staff members in Canada, USA & the Caribbean, with expertise and experience in various areas  to serve the needs of our customer’s and the industry as a whole. 

Early Days: 
Back in 1982 in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, the entrepreneurial Charles & Chris DeSouza started a small T-shirt Screen printing enterprise. This was to grow into a more diversified company over the next few years, producing  t-shirts, signs, billboards, decals, aprons and other printable products.

Building a Team: 
In 1985, I (Cled) joined the business after having finished school, and together we diversified into a graphics company catering to the needs of companies large and small for all their promotional needs, from Signage, Print-Media, Promotional Gift Items, T-Shirts, Decals, Designs, Billboards etc.

Going Worldwide: 
In 1988, the three of us commonly agreed to sell our business in Kenya and decided to emigrate. Charles to London, England, Chris to Melbourne, Australia, and myself to Toronto, Canada.

Going back to Basics: 
Our emigration to new countries, expected us to learn new fundamentals of business & new technology, allowing each of us had to adopt to new ways of doing things, while gaining helpful knowledge in different industries.

Rebuilding our Team: 
In 1989, both Charles and myself started a small sign-making company in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada which initially went through some very challenging times with settling in a new country and changes in technology and market conditions. We however managed to weather the storm and adapted to the changes. Chris joined us in 1991 from Australia, putting some of his experience which helped further developed & grow our markets as a graphics company.

Wearing two Hats:
In 1992, All Graphic Supplies was started to serve the needs of sign-making & display companies for their vinyl supplies, and with changing technologies, we continued to grow into a Large Sign Graphics distribution company serving the Digital Imaging Market, Trade Show Signage, Displays, POP, Dye Sublimation, Direct Print, Vehicle decoration etc.

Our Commitment:
It is our commitment, and the commitment of our staff to continually provide leading-edge technologies, training, supplies and support to this ever changing marketplace. We endeavor to deliver on this commitment in a prompt, efficient and friendly manner so as to create long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers. We currently serve throughout CanadaUnited States and International. Our offices, showrooms, training & service centres are located in Mississauga-Ontario(Head Office), Vancouver-British Columbia, Calgary-Alberta, Laval- Quebec. Halifax-Nova Scotia &  St. Johns-Newfoundland- Canada. We now also serve the Caribbean from our offices, training and service centre located in Port of Spain, Trinidad. West Indies.

It has now been 35 years since we first started in this industry and we are now celebrating our 25th. anniversary as All Graphics Supplies. We are still amazed at the pace of change and the demand for newer, faster and more technological methods to produce better quality graphics to the ever demanding marketplace. To this end we have dedicated our lives and we wish to thank all of our customers, staff, suppliers, friends & family for this opportunity and for their support. We look forward to creating many more memorable relationships as we continue on this journey.     

Please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the inquiry form, e-mail or simply call. We look forward to hearing from you.

Cled DeSouza
VP Sales & Marketing